Actress Priyanka Chopra extends support to Iranian women protesting against morality police over death of Mahsa Amini


The "courageous women" of Iran who have been protesting the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini have received support from actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

Priyanka expressed admiration for the Iranian protesters' bravery in their quest for their rights in a message she posted on Instagram.

"The voices that speak will justifiably erupt like a volcano after years of coerced silence! Additionally, they cannot and must not be stopped.

"Your bravery and your goal inspire me. It is difficult to take an actual life-threatening risk to oppose the patriarchal system and defend your rights. However, you are brave women who do this every day at their own expense "The actor, who is 40, wrote.

Iran's morality police detained Amini in September on the grounds that she had not properly worn the hijab, an Islamic headgear that is required, to cover her hair. She passed away three days after collapsing at a police station.

Her passing sparked demonstrations in numerous places across the nation, and the government responded by waging a ruthless crackdown.

Priyanka urged people to join the protests "with our collective voices" and heed their plea.

"Everyone who has the power to influence others ought to join as well. Data is important. Add your voice to this important discussion. Keep yourself informed and speak up so that their voices can no longer be silenced. I support you. Jin, Jiyan, and Azzadi... freedom, life, and women. Mahsa Amini, Iranian protests, and freedom for women,” she said.