After Ponniyin Selvan, Actor Chiyaan Vikram To Star In Another Period Film, Check Details


Everyone who watched "Ponniyin Selvan 1" are praising Chiyaan Vikram for his portrayal of Aditha Karikalan. As the savage prince, the actor just gave one of his greatest performances. According to the most recent reports, after "PS1," he is expected to star in yet another historical drama.

Chiyaan Vikram is a charming actor with the requisite talents to portray a King or Prince. He had previously been cast as Karikala Chola and Karna in the films "Karikalan" and "Mahavir Karna," but those projects were cancelled. According to recent information, Vikram will probably have a significant part in the Kangana Ranaut-starring film "The Incarnation - Sita" directed by Alaukik Desai.

 The plot for the eagerly anticipated film is being written by seasoned screenwriter KV Vijayendra Prasad, who is also SS Rajamouli's father. The director acknowledged on social media that he recently met Chiyaan and read a script to him. According to the sources, the famous actor appears to have consented to work in the film. 

 Alaukik Desai posted a photo of them together and wrote, "I enjoyed learning more about you, Sir @the real chiyaan. I am really glad that you enjoy the narration and film concept since you are the most humble and vibrant person I have ever met. Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality. Congratulations on the fantastic movie #ponniyinselvan 1 and the #ps1 hashtag. Soon, bye.”

Vikram is currently preparing to start filming Pa Ranjith's film "Chiyaan 61."