Andhra Pradesh: Irrigation project in Krishna river basin receives massive inflow


The projects in the Krishna river basin, such as Srisailam and Prakasam, are experiencing massive floods, necessitating the lowering of the gates to allow the water to go downstream. As 1.75 lakh cusecs flow into the Jurala Priyadarshini reservoir in Jogulamba Gadwala district, officials are raising the reservoir's 36 gates and releasing 1.85 lakh cusecs downstream. The project's water level reached 318.16 ft against a total of 318.51 ft, while the water storage capacity is 8.92 TMC versus 9.65 TMC.

In addition, the Srisailam project's nine gates are being lifted by ten feet to relieve the severe flood that is entering the Srisailam reservoir from its upper reaches. The spillway releases approximately 2,51,847 cusecs of floodwater to Sagar. Along with Jurala, a flow of 3,50,341 cusecs is arriving from Sunkesula, raising the water level in the dam to 884.80 feet against a total of 885 feet and a storage capacity of 214 TMC. Power generating continues on the right and left banks of Srisailam, releasing 62,446 cusecs to Sagar through power generation. Also Kaleshwaram is capable of irrigating 25 lakh acres during the kharif season. 

Meanwhile, massive floods into Nagarjuna Sagar have been reported, raising 20 gates by ten feet and releasing 2.93 lakh cusecs through the spillway. Sagar's current water level is 589.30 feet, compared to the full water level of 590 feet. Nagarjuna Sagar now has 309.93 TMC of water out of a maximum capacity of 312.04 TMC. The reservoir's inflow of 3.10 lakh cusecs is being released downstream.