MEA Warns Against Fake Job Rackets Targeting Indian IT-Skilled Youth in Thailand


The Ministry of External Affairs issued an advice on Saturday regarding fraudulent job rackets in Thailand that target IT-skilled Indian youths. According to the ministry's official press statement, questionable IT firms are enticing Indian teenagers with "lucrative professions" for the positions of "Digital Sales and Marketing Executives" in Thailand. The companies are also involved in call-center scams and cryptocurrency fraud, according to the report.

"Instances of questionable IT firms involved in call-center scam and crypto-currency fraud offering lucrative positions to entice Indian youngsters for the posts of 'Digital Sales and Marketing Executives' in Thailand have lately brought to our attention by our Missions in Bangkok and Myanmar," the ministry stated.

"The target groups are IT-skilled youngsters who are deceived in the name of attractive data entry employment in Thailand via social media advertisements as well as by Dubai and India-based agents," the report noted.

According to the press statement, the victims were carried illegally across the border, largely to Myanmar, and held captive to work under inhumane conditions.

Before accepting a job offer from a foreign business, Indian nationals should check their credentials, according to the ministry.

"As a result, Indian people are warned not to fall victim to such bogus job offers disseminated via social media platforms or other channels." Before travelling on a tourist/visit visa for employment purposes, Indian nationals should check/verify the qualifications of foreign employers through concerned missions abroad, as well as the antecedents of recruiting agents and any organisation before accepting any job offer."

On Friday, the ministry issued a warning to Indian nationals and students in Canada about the increased incidence of hate crimes, sectarian violence, and anti-India activities in the country.

"In Canada, there has been a significant surge in hate crimes, sectarian violence, and anti-India activities." The Ministry of External Affairs and our High Commissions/Consulates General in Canada have raised these events with Canadian authorities, requesting that the offences be investigated and appropriate action taken. So far, the perpetrators of these crimes have not been brought to justice in Canada," the government stated in a statement.

"In light of the growing incidents of crime as indicated above, Indian nationals and students from India in Canada, as well as those travelling to Canada for travel/education, are recommended to exercise necessary caution and remain attentive," the statement continued.