Muslims are not getting their due share despite being a large part of India, says NCP supremo Sharad Pawar


Sharad Pawar, the leader of the Nationalist Congress Party, stated on Saturday that despite making up a substantial portion of the population of the country, Muslims feel that they are not receiving their fair share.

Speaking at a Vidarbha Muslim Intellectuals Forum event titled "Issues Before Indian Muslims," Pawar referenced the case of Kerala and argued in favour of the Urdu language while simultaneously emphasising the value of each state's "main language."

"Muslims feel they are not receiving their fair share of benefits while making up a sizable portion of the population, which is exactly the case. Discussions about how to ensure them receive their fair share must be held "Pawar stated as reported by PTI.

In response to a previous speaker who requested that Urdu be used in government employment exams, the NCP chairman praised the language and noted that many people have been connected to it for decades.

The NCP leader was quoted by PTI as stating, "We should consider Urdu schools and education, but along with Urdu, we have to consider about the main language of a state."

According to Pawar, who was quoted by PTI, Kerala has a sizable minority population, therefore it is important to investigate how minorities in that state—which has the highest literacy rate—are supporting the official language and what advantages may result from this. He added that unemployment was a problem for all communities in the nation, while minorities' complaints on this front were legitimate and required attention.