Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin Launched SIRPI Program In Schools


MK Stalin launched the Students in Responsible Police Initiatives (SIRPI) program on Wednesday, promising that it would be a particular project for school students to instill discipline and raise awareness of social problems. The initiative, developed by the police and the school education department, will cost Rs 4.25 crore to implement. A news statement stated that 5,000 Class 8 pupils from 100 government-run schools will have access to health and sports programs, as well as education on social problems such as drug addiction. These lessons will be delivered to 50 students at each school on Wednesdays.

Students must report to two nodal officers before to class in order for the program to be monitored. The program's nutritious food and annual excursions to eight different destinations will help 2,764 boys and 2,236 girls.

CM Stalin stated immediately after establishing SIRPI that students should be aware of society problems. As sculptors, it is our obligation to look after them (sirpi). He went on to say that students should learn about the law and be aided in connecting with the government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).