Deepika Padukone would do laundry twice a day during her bachelorette, reveals her childhood friend 

Deepika would like doing laundry twice a day during her bachelorette as she wouldn't do that on everyday bases. 
Deepika Padukone was exited about doing laundry during bachelorette. 

After teasing glimpses of bake-off with her childhood friend  Hitesha Mehta. Deepika Padukone shared shared an IGTV video about the friendly face -off. Hitesha and Deepika are frinds fron fourth grade. Hitesha revealed some interesting facts about Deepika from bachelorette.

Hitesha said that Deepika would wash everyone’s clothes during her bachelorette. “On her bachelorette, she was obsessed with doing laundry for everyone because she doesn’t get to do laundry regularly.” She added, “She would like, force us to give our clothes only so she could put it in the washing machine. Every day, twice a day, she was doing laundry and finding it so exciting.”

They both are very good friends from grade 4. Deepika said that Hitesha was always a topper. “She has always been a topper in school. Best at everything, number one. This is the one thing I can do better.”, Deepika said.

In an interview with Femina,  Deepika had revealed that she does all of her house work and office work by her own. Despite of having an army of employees at finger tips, she does all her work and sorts out all her personal problems by her own self because, she finds no other way of doing these things. This habbit of Deepika has left Ranveer perplexed.

Doing household chores, ordering veggies and managing office work is all done her. “So, my typical day is like anyone else’s, where I wake up and, sometimes, there is no water in the tap, or there’s some problem with the staff. It is like any other home or situation, which I handle on my own. That’s the way I have been brought up. I don’t know whether I do this intentionally or whether that is second nature to me, but including things like packing, unpacking, ordering groceries, managing the home and office—I do it all myself,” she said, adding, “And Ranveer keeps saying why do you want to get into it yourself, but I don’t know any other way of being.”

Next the couple will be seen in Kabir Khan's sports drama 83. A film based on former cricketer Kapil Dev. Ranveer Singh will be playing Kapil dev and Deepika will be playing his wife, Romi. Reports say that the film will be released in theatres in the first quarter of this year.