Priyanka speaks to support Sonu's Ideas

Priyanka Chopra has been under the public eyes, ever since she has made her supportive statements for India, while doing her part as an Indian. She has been showing her concerns for the bleeding country that is entrapped under this fatal predator called Covid. 
In her latest Insta-updates, PC shared a video of Sonu Sood, a humanitarian and an unstoppable philanthropist, who is restlessly working like none other than the Covid warriors. 
In the video, Sonu can be seen speaking about one of the most unthinkable challeges that the country will face as a result of the exponential death caused due to Covid.
Sonu sood has made an appeal to the government and all the concerned authorities to educated those children who are orphaned during the covid crises, all free of cost. Some excerpts from Sonu's speech read," There are families who lost both parents, in a gap of 2-3 at a young age of 10-12 years even 8 years. I always think that what will happen to the future of such kids, so this is very important. I would like to request all the state governments, central government, or any other institutions that come forward to help. A rule must be made that during the Covid times those who have lost members of their family, the education of such children, right from school to college whether they are in public schools or private schools, their education should be free of cost. Regardless of any level. Engineering, Medical or any other field or course: this rule should be imposed." With this, he appealed to all those influential people to come forward and head this initiative.

Priyanka, who is very much inspired by Sonu Sood, composed a deep message while sharing Sonu's video as well. The message read, "#EveryLifeMatters. Have you heard of visionary philanthropists? My colleague sonu sood is one such. He thinks and plans ahead.
Think this one out carefully because the impact is long-term and it involves children- amongst many horror stories of the pandemic, this is regarding those who have lost one or both parents due to Covid-19. The disruption , for many sadly leads to a complete stop in their education due to the combination of loss and economic factors due to that loss.
Firstly, I am inspired that Sonu made this critical observation. Secondly, in typical Sonu style, he has also thought of a solution and come up with some suggestions for action."

Conveying Sonu's suggestions to the state and central government, Priyanka added further," For those outside govt, I appeal to your compassion combined with generosity and be the philanthropists, knock on the institute doors or anyone who can help to make an impact that will matter. Adopt the education of a child if you can.
I fully support Sonu's ideas and I will actively work towards finding ways to support education because I have always believed that education for every child is a birthright.
And we cannot as a society let the virus change that.