Manoj Bajpayee's Secret of Sanauli is an eye opener

Secrets of Sanauli is a Discovery+ documentary which unveils the secrets behind the excavations done in Sinauli. 
Watch Secrets of Sinauli on Discovery+ on January 9

Narrated by Manoj Bajpayee and presented by Neeraj Pandey in collaboration with Archeological Survey of India, the documentary film premieres on the OTT platform on January 9. Directed by Raghav Jairath, the documentary is based on the excavations done in Sinauli.

Sinauli is a village in western Uttar Pradesh. An archaeological site- Sinauli, located in Baghpat district in western UP, is reported to be the largest necropolis of the Chalcolithic period (between 2000 BC and 700 BC) in India. The excavation at Sinauli unearthed a 4000-year old chariot, copper weapons and warrior burials. The chariot is encased in copper and is believed to be the oldest surviving physical evidence of the chariot ever to be discovered in the world. Alongside, there are also shields, bows and arrows, spears, swords, helmets, axes and other copper weaponry that have been unearthed from the burial sites.

Manoj Bajpayee shared the trailer of the same on his social media saying it as an eye opener. Manoj Bajpayee shared the trailer of Secrets of Sinauli and wrote, "Gyaanyon ka kehna hai ki jise bhi bhavishya dekhe ki ichchha ho, bhoot (itihaas) dekh le. Secrets of Sinauli is an eye-opener . @neerajpofficial #SecretsOfSinauli #Trailer (sic)."

Speaking about the documentary film, Neeraj Pandey said, "Secrets of Sinauli: Discovery of the Century is a blend of history, science, technology and mythology. India is a country known for its rich culture and varied heritage. Exploring and unearthing new facts of our history is precisely what excited me about this project."