Sony YAY! prepares yet another crazy adventure ride for all kids with new show Kikoumba

The delightful lion - King Kikoumba's hilarious escapades on Sony Yay!

February 22nd, 2021, Bengaluru: Popular Kids Entertainment channel, Sony YAY!, is all set to introduce kids to their new best friend with a ‘roaring’ personality — Kikoumba. Starting 22nd February, every Monday-Friday at 8:30 AM, kids shall accompany Kikoumba the lion on his quirky challenges and hilarious instances/ clashes.  The delightful lion - King Kikoumba will transport kids to the majestic jungle where each day hilarious escapades and fun challenges occur. 

The narrative unfolds in the Jungle where once in every thousand years all the animals in the kingdom get a chance to face off against their King to be the next ruler of the Jungle. But this time around, the task of defending the crown rests upon King Kikoumba the lion, who loves to sleep and chill a little too much. Will the cunning animals of the kingdom manage their mischief? What new stunt will Kikoumba pull for his reign to prevail? Tune-in to Sony YAY! this week to see Kikoumba reveal his hilarious antics and innocuously mighty ways to battle the cunning animals of the jungle. 

The channel, earlier this year also introduced kids to two more shows full of comical adventures named Backkom and Oscar Ab Bas Kar, extending the YAY! the universe of comedy for kids.  

Watch the latest addition in the YAY! universe, Kikoumba starting 22nd February, every Monday to Friday at 8.30 AM only on Sony YAY!. Stay tuned to learn about a world full of fun, vibrant, and amusing YAY! toons along with a barrage of exciting new shows and telemovies of your favourite characters.