Priyanka is impressed by a young climate activist and is inspired to share the award with her

she also shares the award with an organization working for children's right to education

Not everyone is unaware about the efforts the desi girl has been making ever since. Priyanka was already a talk of the town for her recent tweet and will to help India.

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On Wednesday, Priyanka Chopra was honoured with the RAD IMPACT Award, for her inspiring Purpose.
On this note, Priyanka revealed what she loves about the RAD Impact Award is that it's a shared award, she added," shared with someone who's doing the work, someone you're inspired by. And I'm inspired by the young girl with whom I'm going to share this award today."
She believes, "Giving has to be something that is built in people's nature. When you have privilege, privilege comes with responsibility and giving is the power of that responsibility".
With this, she felt delighted to share the award with Devishi Jha, an Indian-American young climate activist working with organisations that work for climate change and education for girls.
While praising Devishi for her work, PC said, I am just really impressed by how much she has done in her young life, she has already achieved so much which is extremely inspiring to me. I am nervous about meeting her. My palms are sweaty."

When Devishi explained about her journey, of being a social activist and being invited to be a part of UNICEF, USA, She denoted her desire of helping educate the girls in India. Priyanka supported her statement by acknowledging the fact that specially in India and other developing economies around the world, the girls are denied education.
"Education gives, specially girls, the ability to stand on their own feet. It helps them being financially independent. If you educate a girl, you educate a family", Priyanka delivered her thoughts while admitting that Devishi has the drive of being an ambitious girl.
Discussing the problems of many underprivileged students, who have no access to the technology, Devishi conveyed, that when the situation cannot be expected to the normal, the students are already behind.
On this, Priyanka wins hearts by another initiative of hers; where she, along with the RAD Awards and Devishi, will enable a substantial donation made towards providing technology to children in the rural India, who don't have any acess to schooling.
Other than Devishi, Priyanka also shares the award with 'AVANTI FELLOWS', an NGO that for the children's right to education.