Yakshagana - An Dazzling Indian Art Form. 

Yakshagana is a unique form of Traditional Indian Theatre performance

Yakshagana is a beautiful and traditional Indian art. It is an old form of art performed in Coastal Karnataka. 

Yakshagana's name indicates Yaksha- which means celestial and Gana which means music. Thus , the performance is like the whole universe is shown to the audience. It is a combination of dance , music , dialogue , attractive costumes , stage form , heavy make- up which creates a unique style. As per the tradition, All the roles are portrayed by men , including the females ones. But now the females are allowed to join the troupes.

The performers mainly focus on detailed acts , costumes and expressions. The stories are all drawn from ancient traditions which includes Mahabharat , Ramayan , etc. The performance is mainly done in an open-air-theatre with instruments like hand drums , pungi , harmonium , chande (loud drums) and the music is based on raga.

This art is performed particularly in the rainy season or at any other occasion is Coastal areas. They are presented as probably long night events where families come together to enjoy the amazing performance. Various shows are sponsored by local donors , the government and some are on tickets. Yakshagana is also compared to Western operas .

This magnificent and unique form of art is reaching throughout the country.