How to keep yourself motivated during lows in your life

​​​​​​Life is short and if you waste it in overthinking then you won't be able to experience the gold that is hidden in it. 
5 things that can keep you motivated during the lows. Try them and see the result yourself. 

Do you feel demotivated somedays. The reason might be unknown  though. Do you ever feel like doing nothing.

Well, feeling all of this is not at all wrong. It is absolutely normal. You do come across different phases in life. And feeling low or demotivated can be one of them. But when you know about it and do nothing is absolutely wrong. Because this ultimately hamper your mental health and has adverse effects on your physical health.

Now, you might be thinking about what can be done if you are in such a phase. Here you are at right place. Take a look at the whole article to know about the ways to motivate yourself.

1) Have a productive day -: Productive day doesn't mean doing office work or household chores. Having a productive day can be spending your day doing all your favourite things. It can be listening to music, watching movies, cooking, baking, travelling, reading, etc. When you feel low and do nothing rather than thinking about it will make you more weak and affect you.

2)Journaling ​​​​​​-: Journaling things is yet another effective things which can be done when you're feeling low. It gives you a realisation of what you need to focus on and also lowers the pressure from your head. What you have to do is just take a pen and a book start noting down things that you are upset about and also note down things that you are grateful for. You will understand where you have to focus. Journaling can definitely help you overcome your lows.

3) Seek Inspiration ​​​​​​-: Seeking inspiration makes you more strong and increases the will power. It gives a feeling of being able to do anything. Watching motivational movies, reading something inspirational, motivational videos can watched.

4) Stay away from negativity ​​​​​​-: Negative things directly affect your mental health. Avoid watching harsh movies and reading something very harsh. Avoid people who have negative vibes. Environment around you too affects you.

5) Reward yourself ​​​​​​-: For sustaining and have a productive day when you are not willing to do it, reward yourself. Rewards act as a motivation. They make you happy and that is the most important thing needed.

These were 5 things that would help you overcome your lows. Finding ways for the problems make you more stronger. Stay strong, stay motivated.