"Ram Gopal Varma's Twitter Insights: 5 Lessons for Indian Film Critics from ANIMAL"

"Renowned Director Highlights Discrepancies Between Critic Reviews and Audience Preferences"

  • ANIMAL's unconventional success prompts Ram Gopal Varma to share critical observations about Indian film critics.
  • The disconnect between critical reviews and box office success challenges the influence of critics on a film's fate.
  • Ram Gopal Varma suggests critics lack insight into audience preferences, emphasizing the disparity between reviews and popularity.
  • A unique scenario where critics find themselves at odds with the audience, sparking a need for reassessment.
  • Varma recommends film critics watch ANIMAL repeatedly to update their critical standards, with a playful nod towards film appreciation courses.

Renowned director Ram Gopal Varma recently took to Twitter to share five significant takeaways for Indian film critics in light of the unprecedented success of the film ANIMAL.

  1. Box Office Impact: Varma points out that ANIMAL, despite receiving unfavorable reviews, emerged as one of India's most-watched films, challenging the perceived influence of critics on a film's box office performance.

  2. Critic's Lack of Insight: The director suggests that critics lack a deep understanding of why audiences enjoy a film, emphasizing the apparent gap between critical reviews and the preferences of moviegoers.

  3. Critics vs. Audience Dynamics: Varma notes a unique situation where critics find themselves more upset with the audience's reception than the filmmakers. This scenario highlights a noteworthy shift in the dynamics between critics and the movie-watching public.


  4. Reevaluating Critical Standards: ANIMAL's success prompts Varma to encourage critics to watch the film multiple times, advocating for a reassessment of their critical standards and an update to their evaluation criteria.

  5. Film Appreciation Courses: In a lighthearted recommendation, Varma suggests that all film critics, with folded hands, should request @imvangasandeep to conduct film appreciation courses for them. This playful nod underscores the need for critics to gain a deeper understanding of filmmaking nuances.

Ram Gopal Varma's insights open a dialogue on the evolving role of film critics and the evolving dynamics between critics, filmmakers, and audiences in the Indian cinema landscape.