Sooryavanshi is expected to release on 2nd April in Theatres as well as on OTT platforms 

Sooryavanshi makers are thinking to release the film in non- national theatres and single screen theatres as well as on OTT platform. 
Sooryavanshi releasing on Good Friday, April 2 in theatres and on OTT gaint.

Sooryavanshi is a sequel movie of Simmba. The movie has great action and drama hence, the production of the movie is large. The makers want to make profit from the film. It is one of the most awaited films. The makers are waiting for the release since a year now, due to pandemic. The movie is said to be released on 2nd April this year. 

Recently there have been talks of producers of the film about the release. They have approached several theatres like Inox, Cinepolis, PVR, Cranival for a good deal. The discussion is on standstill mode. A well informed source recently revealed that the producers have approached the OTT gaint Netflix for their release. This seems that the makers are planning  a dual release of the film.

The movie is a huge production hence, everyone wants a lion's share in the profit. Hence, the makers are planning a huge release for the film. If everything goes well, Sooryavanshi would be the first film to release on dual platforms. 

If the discussions between producers and exhibitors turn concrete, Sooryavanshi will the first film to release on dual platforms. Because of this it would be easier for other films to use this dual release strategy.