Google launches budget smartphone Android 13 Go, Check Details


Google has announced the Go Edition of Android 13 for low-cost smartphones with limited specifications. The Go edition was introduced five years ago to assist smartphone manufacturers in creating low-cost devices with customised software experiences. This trimmed-down version of Android removes all but the essential apps from the smartphone. For example, Google's own apps, such as Chrome and Gmail, which can be quite heavy, are designed for a smooth user experience.

Android Go editions are typically found on devices with up to 3GB of RAM. According to Google, there are over 250 million monthly active Android Go devices.

To help users stay safe online, Google Play System Updates are being added to Android Go-powered smartphones, ensuring that devices can receive critical software updates outside of major Android releases. "This will make the delivery of critical updates quick and simple without jeopardising storage availability on the device," Google explains.

Google is bringing 'Material You' to compatible smartphones for the first time with Android 13 Go. Material You, which was first introduced last year, is Google's unified design language. The phone uses this feature to extract colours from the wallpaper and change app icons and fonts accordingly. For Go-powered devices, the update also includes some of the key Android 13 features such as Notification Permissions, App Language Preferences, and more.

Google Discover is another important feature that will be available with Android 13 Go. Users who enjoy reading news articles may find the feature useful. Based on your browsing history, it will essentially curate a list of news stories and other content. Users can, however, disable the setting to receive personalised content.

Google and other smartphone manufacturers have yet to announce a release date. More information from the companies is expected in the upcoming weeks.