Inor Fresh seafood company to launch operations in Bangalore from October 1st


Inor Fresh is a technology-enabled B2B business platform that primarily focuses on the distribution of fresh seafood and the aqua market. From the supply side, Inor Fresh links with fisherman and fish growers, and from the demand side, it connects with domestic and worldwide markets. Inor Fresh will begin operations in Bangalore on October 1st. By the end of this year, the seafood maverick Inor Fresh will have expanded its operations to Mysore, Hubli, Belagam, and Pune.

Inor Fresh uses cutting-edge technology in its market operations to generate economic value by eliminating all intermediaries and establishing a one-on-one contact between Inor and its valued consumers. Inor believes in establishing trust with its suppliers and consumers by delivering high-quality, fresh fish in a timely manner.


The company's main goal is to provide customers with high-quality, fresh fish.

Inor Fresh assists fishermen and fish growers in increasing their profits by linking them with the constant need for fresh seafood from the domestic and worldwide markets. It also attempts to reduce waste and boost payment efficiency through online payment alternatives.

The health of its clients is the first priority for Inor Fresh. Seafood is high in protein, enhances mental health, lowers the risk of heart disease, controls blood pressure, and strengthens the nerves.

Inor Fresh's team is a great blend of creativity, expertise, and technical mastery.

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Inor Fresh has joined forces with US-based tech behemoth Xaasability. Xaasability's Apache Hadoop, an open-source framework based on Google's file system capable of handling large amounts of data in a distributed environment. Many such programmes are available from Xaasibility, which provide Inor Fresh with the necessary technology to improve operations.

Melwin Dsouza, the company’s co-founder with over 19 years of demonstrated leadership in digital infrastructure across the Middle East invested both, his expertise and capital in Inor Fresh, with a vision to make the company a game changer in the Indian seafood market.

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Inor Fresh aspires to satisfy its consumers by providing fresh seafood directly from the coast from high-quality sources.

The habit of online ordering is gradually becoming more common across the country. During the epidemic, internet orders for groceries, fresh produce, milk, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) set new records. Online ordering is quickly becoming the standard in many households. Inor Fresh believes that the next stage to be investigated will be online ordering of frozen and processed meat, poultry, and seafood.

Inor Fresh aims to provide its customers with more than 20 varieties of available fresh water and  seawater fish. Inor Fresh offers sea, river and farming fish supplies.