Warning of the economic slowdown, Google employees said, 'Only blood will flow on the streets'


As big tech companies begin laying off employees in the global economic downturn, Google executives are reportedly warning workers to either boost your performance or blood will be on streets, if next quarter's earnings aren't good. But prepare to leave as there will be blood. In a company message seen by Insider, Google Cloud Sales Leadership has threatened employees with an "overall test of sales productivity and productivity in general" and if next quarter's Do not look at the result from above, do not ignore the fact that it will be scattered in the streets.."

According to a report by The New York Post, Google employees are "afraid of layoffs" as the company quietly extended its hiring freeze this month without informing anyone. The company has now warned of retrenchment from the company for allegedly not working the employees.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai told employees late last month that they should improve productivity due to financial constraints. Pichai said he would like to ask his employees for "ideas on how to get faster for better results.

While the company had earlier announced a slowing down of employee hiring for the rest of the year, Pichai said, "It is clear that we may be looking forward to a challenging macro environment with even more uncertainty ahead, and We are also doing…” If this continues, we may face a lot of problems in the coming time, but we are seeing what we can do for our employees.