FM: Development aid for other countries of INR 7100 crore in the Budget


In the Union Budget 2021, 7100 crores were assigned for the developmental assistance of countries in the neighborhood and Latin America and Africa. Bhutan will get the maximum fund of INR 3,004 crore while INR 100 crore to the Chabahar port project in Iran.

As per the revised estimates, India’s developmental assistance in 2020-21 was INR 5,369 crore. Bhutan in comparison to INR 2261 crore in 2020-21 was assigned INR 3004 crore.

The aid for Nepal has increased from INR 880 crore to INR 992 crore while the amount for Afghanistan has been assigned as INR 350 crore and Myanmar at INR 400 crore.

Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have been assigned INR 200 crore, while for the Maldives it is INR 250 crore. An amount of INR 300 crore has been allocated for African countries, INR 40 crore for Latin American nations and INR 100 crore for Eurasian countries.

Additionally, INR 130 crore has been assigned to other developing countries. INR 100 crore have been allocated for Chabahar port which is being developed by India, Iran and Afghanistan for trade boost between them.

Separately, an amount of INR 476 crore has been allocated for the support of international training programs.