Google and French publishers sign payment deals for content

The US tech giant agreed with French publications for its content online and agreed on a copyright framework on Thursday, firstly in Europe.

The U.S tech giants joined hands.

After the rise of online print media, with French publications seeing a major decline in revenues, Google had agreed on a framework with French publishers under which Google will pay the publishers for its content online.

The framework consisted of basic criteria such as the total volume daily, monthly traffics and contribution to political and general information.

The deal which is a significant one for the publishers for their sustenance will be a move closely monitored by other platforms such as Facebook.

Google with its deal with the Alliance de la Presse d’information générale (APIG) has recently signed agreements with some publications such as the daily newspapers Le Monde and Le Figaro.

The mode of content delivery known as Google News Showcase, which is currently introduced in Brazil and Germany, allows publishers to curate their online content.

The remuneration details for the deal have not been disclosed by any one of Google, APIG, or any of its members. The deal was done in a way to cope up with the revamped EU rules, which allowed publishers to demand monetization for their extracts of news.