India ranked 3rd Globally in Scientific Publications

India saw the fastest growth rate of publications between 2008-18 with 10.73 percent.
 China and USA is just behind India in terms of scientific publications growth.
Owing to the significant growth in the number of scientific publications, India has now the third-ranked country globally in Scientific Publications after China and the US.

India saw the greatest growth of publications in the period of 2008 to 2018 with 10.73%, while China had a rate of 7.81% and the US had 0.71%.

Out of the 13,045 patents filed in 2017-18, 1937 was filed by Indians. Out of the total 15,550 patents filed at Indian Patent Office, 65% were from Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Delhi.

India’s investment in R&D has increased to INR 1,23,847 crore in 2018-19. The Department of Science and Technology further stated that initiatives such as NIDHI have played a crucial role in the significant uprising of India.

A total of 3,681 startups have been nurtured by NIDHI through a network of 150 incubators created by DST and generated 1992 intellectual property.

According to the National Science Foundation, India is currently third with 1,35,788 scientific articles in the year 2018. The NSF also showcased India’s growth rate of 12.9 percent, in comparison to the world average of 4.9per cent.

The connection of the invention ecosystem with the efforts have helped in the upbringing of this scientific transformation and the 5th National Science Technology and Innovation policy would help India more effectively.