Sustainability Takes Centre Stage at Expo 2021 Dubai


Expo 2020 Dubai UAE, the first World Expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA), will be taking place from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022 in the Dubai South District and is expected to bring together the greatest minds from around the world to ideate, collaborate and innovate for a better and more sustainable world. Speaking about the event, Mohamed AlAnsaari, Vice President – Communications, Expo 2020 Dubai, shares, “Expo 2020 is the UAE’s commitment to building a cleaner, safer, healthier and more inclusive future for every person from every community. Post pandemic, Expo 2020 aspires to celebrate creativity, innovation, humanity and world cultures. With this in mind, for 182 consecutive days, the Expo site will be alive with unmissable sights, sounds, rhythms and flavours from across the globe.” With the overarching theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating The Future’, the Expo will feature over 200 pavilions and restaurants, and 60-plus daily shows. The six-month-long extravaganza is slated to showcase the best of technology, innovation, architecture, learning, arts, culture, music, food, entertainment and much else.

For a better tomorrow

With a focus and aim to create a better world and be one of the most sustainable World Expos in history, ‘sustainability’ forms the cornerstone of this year’s event alongside ‘opportunity’ and ‘mobility’. Says AlAnsaari, “Sustainability is integrated across the entirety of the World Expo. Expo 2020’s Sustainability Policy engages the global community, participants and visitors to take collective action to address sustainability challenges. By bringing people together from across the globe, Expo 2020 Dubai aims to deliver real, actionable solutions.”

Further to this, Expo 2020 will feature three thematic districts. First, the Sustainability District will throw light on the various efforts being undertaken to preserve our environment and co-exist harmoniously. The Mobility District, on the other hand, will bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds showcasing the latest advancements in mobility—from autonomous vehicles to space travel. The third component of the triad—the Opportunity District will introduce the changemakers who are making a difference whilst encouraging ideation, collaboration and an exchange of ideas. Then there’s the Programme for People and Planet, a platform that will focus on finding solutions to some of the world’s most pressing concerns, like the future of human health, climate and biodiversity, and space exploration among others.

Experience the best


At the Emirates Pavilion, visitors can set off on a sensory journey to 2071 (UAE’s centennial year) to experience the future of commercial aviation in the region. For architecture lovers, the event will open doors to over 90 uniquely constructed pavilions that include structures designed to resemble birds, or those that generate oxygen and electricity or feature the world’s largest 360-degree projection surface. Adds AlAnsaari, “The Expo 2020 site is truly something to behold, including beautiful parks and gardens, performance spaces, and iconic architecture. More than 240 million work hours have gone into transforming the site from desert to [a] city of the future.”

Alternatively, there’s lots to imbibe and learn for students and teachers as well—from specially designed educational experiences to tours. Meanwhile, investors and entrepreneurs, too, can participate in global forums and conferences to network. While commenting on the most exciting aspect from this year’s edition, AlAnsaari shares, “Legacy has been at the centre of planning for all aspects of Expo 2020 Dubai since the beginning. The infrastructure and buildings were designed to seamlessly transition from a global event venue to a sustainable, mixed-use community, known as District 2020 that will live on for decades after Expo 2020. District 2020 is the future of Expo that will repurpose more than 80 per cent of the site’s built environment into a human-centric smart city.”

The best of India


Showcasing the country’s strengths, innovations, contributions and aspirations, the India Pavilion will throw the spotlight on its trade, talent, tourism and technology. On display will also be art installations depicting advances in space alongside music, dance, food and literary shows among other things. AlAnsaari shares, “Building on the country’s culture, heritage and technologies, including its space programme, it will reflect ‘new India’, showcasing the strengths of its human resources and aspirations of its youth. It aims to highlight India’s strength in innovation and start-ups in tech industries, such as artificial intelligence and fintech, as well as tourism and hospitality, space, pharma, IT, renewable energy and telecoms. Indian-British film director, actor and producer Shekhar Kapur is advisor to Expo 2020; and world-renowned composer AR Rahman will mentor an all-women ensemble, the Firdaus Orchestra, which will premiere at Expo 2020.”

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