RBI’s particular auction to sell bonds will take place on Friday.

Central bank will sell Rs 11,000 cr each of 10-yr and 5-yr bonds on Thursday; Government has kept Rs 2,000 cr green shoe in each; on Friday, RBI will auction Rs 26,000 cr of bonds as per prior plan.
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will conduct a special auction to sell the same bonds it refused to sell on Friday due to higher yields demanded by the market.
The central bank on Friday devolved nearly the entire bond auction on primary dealers, as the markets were demanding higher yields for five-year and 10-year bonds being sold.
As per a government notification, later notified by the RBI, the central bank will be selling Rs 11,000 crore each of 10-year and 5 year bonds on Thursday. The government has kept an oversubscription option of Rs 2,000 crore in each of the bonds. On Friday again, the RBI will be auctioning Rs 26,000 crore of bonds as per prior plan.
The two bonds being sold in the special auction was part of RBI's Rs 33,000 crore special auction on Friday. The RBI did not sell the two bonds, while the underwriters of the auction had to buy the rest of the two securities being auctioned.
The bond yields had spiked up after the government announced Rs 12 trillion for the next financial year and Rs 80,000 crore extra borrowing for the current fiscal. However, bond dealers say the monetary policy did not offer any direct measure other than assurance from the RBI governor that the borrowing will be conducted in a non-disruptive manner with enough liquidity in place.
On Monday, the central bank said it would buy bonds worth Rs 20,000 crore from the secondary markets on Wednesday.