Sensex breaches the 50,000-mark for the first time ever

The Bombay Stock Exchange index named Sensex reached the historical 50,000 marks on Thursday for the first time in history.
In just a month, it skyrocketed to the 50,000 marks.

The Coronavirus pandemic made both Sensex and Nifty at a record low, however with time they both regained power and ended 2020 on a positive note.

Sensex jumped from the 45,000 marks to the 50,000 marks in a period of just one month which was backed by record foreign fund flows.

The investors had a tough ride with huge losses to record gains, during the Covid-19 period. The nation-wide lockdown pushed Sensex off a cliff but markets over the period of the next 10 months gained strength and jumped by 91% to reach the 50,000 marks.

The strange fact that arises here is there were more gains in the market than there were losses even during the tough period. With the growth in the market, investments increased substantially as Sensex gained an overall 15.7% and Nifty gained 14.9% during the year.

As was guessed by experts, IT and Pharma stocks were the most beneficial ones as the concentration of people shifted towards their health and work was done from home premises.

Sensex showed the second-highest recovery among the global indices with a rate of 80% lower than only Nasdaq with an 86% recovery rate.

The market capitalization of the BSE companies has reached INR 200 lakh crore. The market rally has pushed the m-cap to GDP ratio over 80% which is an improvement over the 75%, the average of the previous two years.