Kangana Ranaut comes out in support of Elon Mask who recently welcomed Kanye West on Twitter


Kanye West recently posted on Twitter for the first time since 2020, after his Instagram account was suspended for violating the platform's rules and regulations. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who is in talks to buy Twitter, was one of the first to respond to Kanye's tweet, for which he was chastised by some online users. Now, actor Kangana Ranaut has defended Elon, claiming that he is being targeted by liberals who despise anyone who is "self-made, fiery, intelligent, and above all sane."

On Tuesday, Kangana took to Instagram Stories to share a Vanity Fair post about a recent article on Elon Musk, with the headline 'Get ready for Elon Musk to turn Twitter into a right-wing cesspool.' According to the actor, he is being targeted by 'woke' people who have launched a'massive hate campaign against him.'


"Elon is woke's new target," Kangana Ranaut wrote. They despise anyone who can think for himself or herself, who is self-made, fiery, intelligent, and, above all, sane... To gain the sympathy of the woke, one must be a moron, powerless, and inept... Liberals and woke people have such role models... They have launched a massive anti-Elon campaign."


Kanye West, a musician and fashion designer, has been blocked from using his Twitter and Instagram accounts after posting anti-Semitic messages. Twitter confirmed on Sunday that it had removed a tweet by Kanye and temporarily barred him from posting on the platform, as the fallout from his recent anti-Semitic comments on social media continued.

The star's Instagram account was suspended after he accused rapper P Diddy of being controlled by Jews. Kanye returned to Twitter after his suspension and posted more anti-Semitic messages. Kanye's posts were removed by both platforms, which claimed he had violated hate speech policies. Kanye was previously in the news for wearing a 'White Lives Matter' T-shirt to the recent Paris Fashion Week.