Ponniyin Selvan I is a masterpiece by all merits, check the review here


Without a doubt, "Ponniyin Selvan - Part I" by Mani Ratnam is a masterpiece that merits all of your admiration and devotion. The auteur does an amazing job of bringing the outstanding characters of renowned author Kalki's finest work, "Ponniyin Selvan," to life.

The first of the two parts of the movie, Part 1, is beautiful because Mani Ratnam was able to condense the plot while still maintaining the charm and essential elements of the book.

He skillfully tells the passionate and compelling tale, which includes aspects of bravery, conspiracy, romance, retaliation, and loyalty, while also managing to highlight the many facets of most of his characters.

Nearly a thousand years ago, a comet appeared over the Chola skies, setting the stage for the drama. Someone from the Chola royal family would perish as a result of the comet, according to the oracles. Emperor Sundara Chozhar (Prakash Raj) and his sons Aditha Karikalan (Vikram) and young Arun Mozhi Varman (Jayam Ravi) are at risk of death as a result.

Aditha Karikalan, who has previously vanquished the Pandyas and the Rashtrakutas, is currently making his way to Kalinga for his upcoming conquest, while his younger brother Arun Mozhi Varman is in charge of a naval operation to Sri Lanka.

The Chola kingdom is in jeopardy as the brothers are focused on growing the Chola empire.

Aditha Karikalan learns from his spies that a plot is being planned against the Royal family in the Kadambur fort back home because he is aware of traitors and backstabbers.

Vallavarayan Vanthiyathevan, a skilled fighter with a witty tongue and keen presence of mind, is chosen by him as his trusted assistant and close friend to return to the Kadambur fort and learn what is being planned.

Soon after his arrival, Vanthiyathevan discovers that the finance minister Periya Pazhuvettarayar (Sarath Kumar), who is under the grip of his cunning wife Nandini (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), who has her own loyalties, is plotting to declare Madhurantakan (Rahman) as the next crown prince.

There is still a greater danger. The defeated Pandyas, who are itching for vengeance, have unleashed a group of assassins who make it their life's work to kill the Chola emperor and his princes while a plot for the throne is being formed inside the realm.

Beginning with casting, director Mani Ratnam excels in practically every area. No one among the actors seems out of place.

Jayam Ravi makes the perfect Arun Mozhi Varman. Despite barely appearing in the second part of the movie, he does a tremendous job and steals the show. He is strong, dignified, loyal, and fearless.

Aditha Karikalan is superbly portrayed by Vikram. He roars his way into our hearts as he vanquishes country after kingdom with the courage of a lion. Vikram portrays his character with such conviction that it is simple to understand that the warrior prince is choosing to engage in combat on a regular basis in order to lessen the agonising pain and disappointment he is experiencing as a result of being unable to share his life with the love of his life.

The pairing of Jayaram as Azhawarkadiyan Nambi and Karthi as Vanthiyathevan is a joy to witness because of how well they compliment one another. Karthi does Vanthiyathevan justice, succeeding on all three fronts: as a romantic at heart, a slick talker, and a courageous fighter.

The stars of the show are Trisha as Kundavai and Aishwarya as Nandini. Both women, as well as Aishwarya Lekshmi in the role of Kuzhali, are exceptional in their respective roles.

Both Parthiban and Sarathkumar are equally brilliant and regal in their roles as Periya and Chinna Pazhuvettarayar, respectively.

The unifying force in the film that raises the bar even higher is R. Rahman's entrancing background score.

The graphics created by Ravi Varman are nothing short of astounding and stunning. In fact, they are so impressive that this movie is worth watching solely for the aesthetics.

'Ponniyin Selvan 1' is a job successfully started altogether. Now let's hope that master director Mani Ratnam convinces us that the work was properly done by creating an equally amazing "Ponniyin Selvan 2".