Human psychology!

You are the brand 

Self-branding is for self-improvement. It lends meaning and focus to one's life. The self-branding is not restricted to business or particular class of people; it’s for all in an advanced society irrespective of one’s age, gender or career.

The children should be motivated by their parents and the students by the educational institutions to develop self-branding.

Self-branding exercise is a continuous process undergoing refinements throughout the life.

You are traveling in a suburban train:

1. When it's fully crowded, you yearn for a place to stand.

2. When it's not crowded, you search for a seat.

3. When there are seats available you search for a window seat.

4. When you find a seat, you love to put your feet on the opposite seat if it’s free.

5. When it's almost empty and few passengers stand at different places, you also don't want to sit and like to stand probably near the door!

You take decisions based on the circumstances available.  

The decisions routinely taken in family, workplace and in the community have long-term implications on our life and character. 

The self-brand what we create aids us in taking decisions rationally and will come a long way in our life to provide peace of mind and contentment, because the features of the brand are time tested and practiced earlier by successful persons, and now by you.

When the modern life provides you so many options, decision making in various acts of life becomes tiresome and difficult.

The options always come with attachments we seldom go through!

Focus is lost in good times. 

Yeah, we forget the past that's likely to be repeated in a different form with more or less in the same pattern like stock market!

Brand building exercise clears our mind and strengthens our vision to take right decisions consistently.

There are so many other lateral benefits arise out of self-brand building, because we set our standards, follow them truthfully and the people are willing to support in your mission, as these standards are considered best practices in social life.

Self-branding enhances the image of the people in the society.

The beauty of the self-branding concept is that the world around you understands you well and adjusts with your policy over a period of time, as it’s beneficial to all and not interfering in others freedom or business.

Self-branding brings about a rhythm in relationships in the society if more and more people are involved in this exercise.

- pottanna @ amazon KDP