“The moment you let your country lag behind, you miserably fail at the most important context of life and no matter how far you reach, your journey would be void”.


I am an Indian who wants to create an India that existed, I want history to repeat itself, I want my tricolor to soar the highest, I want an Independent India.


You never  fail at giving me goose bumps,  you never  fail making me feel proud ,u make every star twinkle, you are glorious more than the word glory and you are the first priority of every Indian at heart, you have  a charisma  to fall for,  you are enduring, occult and magnificent and trust me, nothing absolutely nothing  is more important  than you.

I remember having  a conversation where the other person said that he doesn’t like India because people are not good enough and therefore he wanted to settle abroad and the only reply I could give was that “It is not the responsibility of your country to push you forward, It is your responsibility to push your country forward”. There has to be a non-permanent compromise in order to regain the permanent glory and if it wouldn’t have been true our freedom strugglers would not have done what they did.

I believe my country has immense potential because don’t forget London has more Indian Restaurants than India. I have always felt India is special because we still treat respectfully the country who looted India in trillions. Yes, my country has loopholes but isn’t it my responsibility to fill that up.

I stand for SWADESI. I have an undying faith for my country, and an endless chord of love.