1.2 lakh to sit for the national Bar exam to be held on January 24

The assessment is to be held at about 154 centres in 52 cities


The exams are held to weed out non-serious advocates and ensure that they have a minimum standard of advocacy skills

Pic Credits : Shutterstock

On Friday, the Bar Council of India (BCI), the governing body for legal education and advocates, declared that the All India Bar Exam to be held on January 24 will be open to approximately 1.2 lakh advocates. 

The test is to be conducted in 52 cities in around 154 centres. The AIBE is mandatory to begin legal practice for all activists who have passed out since 2010. The tests are performed to screen out non-serious activists to ensure they have a minimum level of advocacy expertise.

Examinations at nine centres were postponed last time due to the use of unfair means by applicants. This time, applicants from those centres that had appeared were eligible to take the exam from other centres. No charges were filed. 

During the test, the use of cell phones and other electronic devices is not permitted. BCI Secretary Srimanto Sen said in a statement on Friday that, as an additional precaution, signal jammers should be used at around 50 centres to ensure that no one in the vicinity is able to use phones or gadgets.

As a result of the pandemic, he stated that the period between 24 March 2020 and 31 March 2021 had been exempted from the two-year period of enrolment for which the lawyer had to appear in the examination.