42 hours hackathon hosted by India - Sweden, here is the reason!

To tackle the traffic issues, the Indian Embassy along with the Sweden Embassy is all set to organize a hackathon.
The invitations have been sent to the enterprenuers, students, developers, creatives, design enthusiasts and the mobility experts across both the countries to participate in the Hackathon.

According to the resources, the organisers of this hackathon have planned something different. They have suggested that the participants will collborate with each other and work on some of the crucial issues like "lethal accidents in traffic, safe and sustainable transport, air pollution/emissions from the traffic sector, infrastructure for connected vehicles and sustainable logistics."

Sweden and India have joined hands to organise a 42 hours hackathon on mobility to tackle majority of the issues mentioned above. The 'Sweden-India Mobility Hackathon: Changing the way we move!' aims to "design, test and execute ideas" for the future and will take place from February 26 to 28, it said. According to the sources, the invitation have been sent to the creatives, the designers, enterpreneurs, students and all the people interested in it.

Anna Lekvall, Consul General of Sweden in Mumbai, added, “Innovation is at the heart of the Sweden India relationship, and safe, sustainable transport has grown immensely as a vital new area of co-operation."

"The Sweden-India Mobility Hackathon is expanding this partnership, providing a strong platform for students, start-ups, companies, experts from the two countries to co-create new solutions for mobility. Together, we can change the way we move,” Lekvall added.

According to the statement, the theme of the hackathon has a strong connection to the "joint innovation partnership" that exists between India and Sweden and the Sweden-India Transport Safety and Innovation Platform (SITIS), which was launched in February last year.