5 most difficult exams around the world!


Examinations have become a part of life, if you want to get into a good university or job cracking an exam is essential. The exams now have become more difficult, checking not just the knowledge but the overall personality of the students. Here is the list of some exams that are considered most difficult globally. 

1. Master Sommelier Diploma exam

This is considered one of the most difficult exams that select expert winemakers globally. The exam is UK-based and in the last 40 years, only 269 people have cleared the exam. The exam has three stages theory, service, and blind tasting. During the blind tasting, the student is supposed to identify the region and the year of the wine and this is the stage where most students fail. This is the most difficult exam to get cracked on the first attempt. 

2. Union Public Service Commission

The exam is conducted to appoint the top administrative officials in India. The exam has three stages called the Preliminary exam, mains exam, and the interview. The examination process takes one complete year and requires the most aware candidates. The exam is very elaborate and difficult at the same time, only 700-800 candidates are selected out of 5 lakh appearing. 

3. Gaokao

It is the National Higher Education Entrance exam of China. To pursue higher education in China it is compulsory to get through this examination. The exam is conducted for 9 hours over 2 days including all the subjects along with maths and Chinese. The difficulty of an exam is a test for both the intelligence and stress-bearing capability of the students.


The exam is known as the Indian Institute of Technology- Joint Entrance Exam conducted to get admission to the top IITs (most prestigious engineering colleges) in India. The students start their preparation in classes 11 and 12. The exam has two objective type papers of three hours each and out of lakhs of students appearing only, a few thousand get through it.

5. All souls Prize Fellowship Exam

This Exam is conducted by Oxford University. The students have four papers each with a duration of 3 hours. The exam tests analytical skills along with brainstorming and writing long passages. The difficulty level of the exam is as such that only 2 out of 80 applicants get the fellowship annually.