A peer to peer learning guide

Peers could drive way for things that could be constructive and things which can destroy achievement plans like broken shells. The perfect concept of gain from peers could impatiently rely on the fact that you definitely don’t need to pick up everything that comes your way during the interactions

When you go out and talk to your peers, you don’t need to block your ears and shut your mouth, but, at the same time you cannot be a freely permeable membrane letting everything to seep-in with ease. There is a way in which you need to interact. There is a filter required everywhere and so is here. While you communicate, a lot of new things pop-up, some would be recognizable and the others would be completely new.

Peer-pressure is real. A lot of times we know what actions are right and what are not, but, we are just unable to differentiate between the two, and that lands us in trouble. This happens because of the enormous pressure that turns the whole table up and down in-front. Thus, this is where we need the right consciousness to understand and act right and required.

Go out and listen, communicate and learn. Build strong principle ethics and code of conduct for yourself, and let it be so strong that nothing can shake it. While you communicate, make sure to pick the ripe berries and leave the worm-inflected one behind, or if you can, throw it into the dustbin. Make a point to never mislead your conscious. Ultimately, you are exactly where you want to be and you behave exactly how you think.

So, above everything, the most important thing is to think and want right.