This article will lead you to your inner potential, when you can get the instinct of your inner power to be a wise person.
Intelligence; maturity; controlling thoughts

“We all grow, we observe, we every stage we learn”

As we are humans, we have the most amazing organ with us. Our brains. They are vast and think a lot of thoughts in a single minute. however , how is that possible that only few of us are able to take advantage out of our thoughts? Well herein, my readers will be able to realise their potential and use it for their best. 


 Let’s take up an example. What can you visualise from the given image? Is this picture relatable to you? Are you also feeling trapped in your thoughts? Do you give everything a second thought or are you just normal? I know right. I understand how my readers must be feeling right now. Trapped in their own thoughts. 

What if I say that you are capable of controlling your thoughts!?


I know you all are shocked, but yes it is cent percent possible. We are humans, being aware is our birth right. Your main goal in life should be to be a Wise Person as a whole. A person who is not flattering about their knowledge. And to be that person, you should know the difference.

Difference between being intelligent and being mature. 

When you are aware about something, you are intelligent. But when you know how to use it in practical life, then you become mature. It can be easily related with school subjects, wherein we study some concepts and the teacher asks us to do it’s practical.  


How I want world to be, is to be open minded with people. And it is possible only when we learn at every stage of our lives. Sharing knowledge creates a great empire which can never be broken. Words are life, words are your real asset, use them wisely. Giving it a first shot, my main motto of writing any article is to make my readers aware of beauty which is not visible to everyone. 


Happy reading ;)