Classes from 5 to 8 resumes in Maharashtra, Varsha Gaikwad visits them

Since March 2020, the schools were shut down due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. After almost 10 months, it has been reopened for the students of grade 5 - 8.
Varsha Gaikward visits the schools and has a one - to - one with the studentswhen the schools re - open after 10 months of shut down.

The schools at Maharashtra have resumed after a lockdown of 10 months due to the Corona Virus. Varsha Gaikward, the Education Minister of Maharashtra has visited the schools recently and had one - to - one with the students.

The schools have reopened mostly in and around Pune. Varsha Gaikward, accompanied with Vishal Solankhi and CEO of Pune ZP Ayush Kummar visited a Zilla Parishad School in Mahalunnge Village and also a couple of schools in Pune and had an interaction with students as well as the parents.

Classes from 5 - 8 have re - opened with proper preventive measures taken against the virus in the current situation. 

Except the areas that fall under Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), the schools have re - opened except for the primary sections.