Colleges under Delhi University most likely to commence from Feb 1 for final year students

According to the meeting conducted by all the colleges affilated to Delhi University, it has given permission to re - open the colleges for the final year students, for practicals. Returing to campus is not mandatory, however the students can return on voluntary basis.
Delhi University has announced the re - opening of the colleges for the students of final year. However, it is not mandatory for all the students. The students can return to their campuses on voluntary basis.

The Delhi University is supposed to commence from the 1 February. This decision has been taken by the Heads of all the Departments of all the colleges affilated to Delhi University in a joint meeting conducted. All the teaching and the non - teaching staffs are asked to return to their workplace from 1 Feb.

According to the sources, only the final year students will be called to college for the live practical classes and grant access to laboratories. Taking precautionary measures, instead of all students at once, they are asked to come to college in small batches. Additionally, the lectures that are being conducted online will continue according to their schedules.

However, the return of the students to their respective campuses is not mandatory. Students', on voluntary basis can return to their campuses.

After a 10 month long shut down, Delhi University is all geared up for commencing the practicals offline.