effect of depresssion on the life of a person 

Depression is a mood disorder which can affect the life of a person. It can only be done through overthinking. It can be described as feelings of sadness, loss or anger which can interfere in a person's everyday life. Everyone experience the depression in different ways. It is generally common to feel down or low sometimes, but if you are feeling down and hopeless on a regular basis then you could be dealing with depression. Depression is considered as a serious medical condition that can get worse time to time without proper treatment. Only by proper medical treatment and positivity, a person can get over through from depression. Depression can affect your mood as well as your body. The symptoms of depression can be different in men, women and  children. There are several causes of depression like family history, early childhood trauma, brain structure, medical conditions, drug use, low self esteem, personal history of mental illness,  certain medications, stressful events, etc. In younger children, symptoms of depression may include sadness, irritability, clinginess, worry, aches, and pains, refusing to do any work and being underweight and in teenagers symptoms may include sadness, irritability, feeling worthless and negative anger , misunderstanding, taking drugs and alcohol, sleeping too much, self harm, avoid interaction with others. There are different types of depression.

1.clinical depression- It is a mental health disorder characterized by depressed mood or loss of interests in everyday's life activities. 

2. persistent depressive disorder - It is mild but long term form of depression. 

3. bipolar disorder - In this type of disorder mood swings on high level has been happen. 

Today our society faces several issues and instead of confronting them, we often try to cover them up.

Depression is one of the issue, which our society wants to cover it. 

Every parent tries his best to keep his child happy. They can endure anything for their children, they can make the biggest of sacrifices for them. But the question arises that how does one suffer from depression? according to me, if someone hurts by some words, actions, statements, etc then a person overthinks on it and sometimes he feel sad, anger or low. As the time passes, it takes the form of worsening depression. Even an 8-10 year old child could also suffer from depression. The age limit of mental illness is reducing day by day. the youngsters get depressed because their looks are not appealing good enough. Now a days our youth get into depression and commits suicide because they don't have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. It all happens just because of the peer pressure. According to the recent survey, every one out of four patients are suffering from diagnosed with mental illness in which anxiety and depression is the biggest illness. At least, 8% to 12% people require psychiatric treatment and nowadays  metal illness is quite common. Depression can't see big or small person. A depressed person doesn't know that he was dead or alive. Everything is same but he nothing felt the same anymore. It can be happen with a normal people as well as a celebrity. Recently, our one of the best celebrity Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide because he was in depression for a long time. No one can imagine how much pain he was and what was going on in his mind. If he had talked to his parents or family or friends about his problem, perhaps a solution could have been found for his problems and today he would be among us all.  
So, if anyone thinks that he is thinking more about something, then he should share his problems with his parents, siblings or friends, may be they are able to get him out of that problem.