How to consume Nuts and Seeds?

Natural and good food habits are a very essential part of anyone’s diet. When it comes to nuts and seeds they are considered to be the powerhouse of nutrients as they are all nutrient dense foods, highly concentrated.


There is a proper way of consuming nuts and seeds. When the right thing isn’t used in the right job, and at the right time, it could become the worst thing. There are certain ways, and timings to consume nuts and seeds that will lead to proper utilization of the benefits it has to offer.

For vegetarians and vegans, nuts and seeds are a very primary source of protein and essential minerals for their body. There are a lot of people who are allergic to nuts and seeds, and therefore cannot consume it. Now, blending everything together, if you are a vegan or a vegetarian, and you are allergic to nuts and seeds, you could have a hard time figuring out the right sources to inject minerals and nutrients into your body.

In general, people who do not have a noticeable problem from nuts and seeds, need to learn the right way of consuming it so that it is given a better direction to get processed.  All you need to do is to soak your dry nuts and seeds in water overnight before you consume it the next day. This way these concentrated nutrients will be diluted and your body would be able to digest it more easily without any irresistible pressure. Do not make it too much to inhale. Balance is the biggest mantra of life.

The right time to consume dry fruits, nuts and seeds is early morning together or before your breakfast, properly soaked in water.

To people who are allergic or resistant to nuts and seeds, try and pay attention to the level of negative effects these items have on you. If you see that it isn’t very harsh, you can try and follow this process in tiny amounts, and if it works well with the system, you can continue eating it this way. Self examination is very important. It is not recommended to risk your system and try something that goes against it. Beware and have a note of things that suits you well!

Make your good food good for you.

Hope this helps!