The transitioning which was difficult yet possible at the same time.
The New Normal in Education-2021

There was a time as we remember before 2020. how going to a school, college, sitting with your classmates, sharing lunches, roaming around was all normal. no even one thought of sitting at home in their blankets and attending their classes. but it possible now, The change was hard? sure; but it happened gradually while learning and experiencing things people learned their ways and developed with their ideas After all it is the situation that leads a human being to undergo changes. This transition was easy for some yet many faced problems with such a long time gone this all became the new normal. what are the changes that are coming with it? what are the circumstances that combine it? The new normal for education requires us to unlearn what we have always known: rows of desks, heavy bags, mass lectures, public exams, and (broken) parent-teacher communication and learn the new coming up of home study desk, books on a side table, online lectures, online exams, etc. And there are certain aspects that come up with it .one is that instead of going to school and university premises to learn, learning now happens at home within our personal spaces. Along with that comes a shift in our social interactions, from physical to virtual. We still interact with the learning community we are in. We still exchange conversations with classmates, teachers, and lecturers. We are not cut off from the learning community, we have merely shifted our communication channels. Also, now that learning takes place in personal spaces, most likely in students’ homes, family members become active agents in the teaching and learning process. The entire household can act as learning facilitators, providing guidance and assistance to make the learning process pleasant for students.

Although teachers can always deliver lessons and learning materials online, learning needs interaction with the physical world. When it comes to the need for references to the outside world and physical interactions, household members need to play a role – showing real-life examples, giving demonstrations, or even having simple conversations. There is also a shift in learning evaluation. this transition may now even help us when things get back to how it was as we have learned new methods.Things will fall back in place and with new philosophies