A new population of blue whale found in the western Indian ocean. 

Sceintist found that new species of blue whale is living in the wesyern ocean. 

Scientists have found that the new species of whales are living in the western ocean. They analyse by sound recordings from the same region.

While these are the highly endangered mammals which are found around the world in all the oceans, and sing very low-pitched and recognisable songs, the researchers, also said that every blue whale population has its own unique voice.

In the recent research of journal Endangered Species Research, the scientists found recordings from the Arabian Sea coast of Oman, and as far south as Madagascar, and found a blue whale song that had never been listened by anyone.

Based on the analysis, the researchers believe they have discovered a previously unrecognised population of blue whales in the western Indian Ocean.

According to the researchers, previously it was assumed that this population of blue whales was belongs to the Sri Lanka, ranging into the southcentral Indian Ocean.

However, the new study found that the recorded songs in these two regions tell a different story.

Before the recording effort from Oman, there were no acoustic data from the Arabian Sea, and so the identity of that population of blue whales was initially just a guess.