Top 5 books you cannot afford to miss reading before turning 30

Your 20s is supposed to be a blast. But, there comes a bag full of responsibilities as you step out of your teenage and enter the worldof reality. You'll need a guiding soul to be there with you throughout. There can be nothing better than books. Check out the books you need to explore before turning 30.
In the roller coaster of life, you need a constant companion. And there is no one better than books you could ever think of.

Life is a like a bumpy ride, there will be many ups and down and you never know what lies ahead. At times, as you grow up, you hesitate talking to people thinking you are the only one going through this stage. During such times, some life - changing books can put you on the right track.

1. Adulthood is a Myth ~ by Sarah Andersen :

Once you step into your 20s, your illusionary world ends. Life hits you hard with the unthinkable and you find yourself lost. There are no promised castles that are waiting for you, as you were told when you were younger. The world seems to be a raw place, yet full of opportunities. This book explains it all. "It's a nice idea, that entering your 20s means somehow graduating into adulthood. But as every young-at-heart baby boomer or senior will tell you, adulthood never really arrives. At some point you just start doing 'adult' things," comments BI's Chris Weller. The New York Public Library as well suggests this as your go - to book while stepping in your 20s. 

2. Between the World and Me ~ by Ta - Nehisi Coates :

When you are an adoloscent, being surrounded by darkness seems to be normal and you get a help to overcome it. But the same darkness appears scary when you are an adult, a boss as well as a voter. You have to struggle on your own to get your way out of it. This book will help you to get over the realities of racism towards which you were knowingly or unknowingly pushed.

3.  A Little Life ~ by Hanya Yanagihara :

Talking in terms of empathy, if you wanna broaden your spectrum, this is your call. This novelwill take you through various aspects of life, expressing various emotions throughout. "The author picks away at our ability to understand grief and depression, challenging the reader to be more and more empathetic. And your 20s is a better time than any to hone the oft-overlooked trait of empathy," writes one of the top bestsellers.

4. Influence - The Psychology of Persuasion ~ by Robert Cialdini :

The suggestion of this book comes from Shane Parrish, the founder of Farnam Blogs. This book has played a very crucial role for transforming him into the person he is today. In the book, he states , "psychologist Robert Cialdini introduces the universal principles of influence: reciprocation, scarcity, authority, commitment, liking, and consensus," and then, he explains, adding: "Why do you need to learn these? To paraphrase Publius Syrus, 'He can best avoid a snare who knows how to set one.'"

5. Boundaries - When to say Yes, How to say No and take control over your life ~ by Henry Cloud and John Townsend :

As you grow, the world seems to be more and more appealing to you every passing day. Your mindest eventually falls prey to the fact that you are responsible for everything happening on this planet and gradually, you fear rejecting anything. This book will teach you how to set boundaries for yourself without feeling guilty and have your own life as well. "Whether you are looking for help emotionally, physically, or mentally, Boundaries is the book you want to read," he says. The authors "give you the blueprint for setting clear boundaries in any facet of your life."