Lack of sleep can cause weight-gain, Know how


A good night's sleep not only relaxes our bodies, but it also protects us from a variety of disorders. Sleep is essential for maintaining our physical health. Sleep deprivation can cause not just exhaustion, but also a variety of disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and mental health problems. Many people gain weight when they do not get enough sleep. Today we will discuss how a lack of sleep contributes to weight growth.

Many research have showed that metabolic disorders begin due to a lack of sleep or interrupted sleep, according to SleepFoundation ( Whose weight rapidly grows, increasing the danger of obesity and other disorders.

A 2022 study found that those who do not get adequate sleep are unable to regulate their weight even when dieting. Aside from that, this study found that working hard twice a week and exhausting your body boosts your odds of getting adequate sleep.

Cause of weight gain

Adults have extreme hunger as a result of sleeping less. In such cases, people develop cravings for calorie food or high carbohydrate foods. Fatigue, according to Dr. Navneet Sood (Senior Consultant and Clinical Lead), can also be a cause of weight gain. Because of a lack of sleep, the body becomes weary, and physical activity declines, causing weight gain to accelerate.

Stress hormone and weight gain

Cortisol and stress hormones may also be to blame for sleep deprivation-related weight gain. "Cortisol is responsible for our body's natural capacity to get up in the morning and fall asleep at night," says Dr. Sood. This hormone is at its peak soon before waking up in the morning and progressively declines throughout the day until it reaches its lowest level at night, making it difficult to sleep. This adds to the weight.