Barehipani Waterfalls (Odisha)

What is special about Barehpani Waterfalls in Odisha?


“The best of experiences, life-long memories of joy and the beauty of best company rests in the arms of nature, where everything comes out directly and un-refined to calm all the pressure of hustle going on in the race of life.” Anything that the nature has to offer is an absolute bliss and the calmness can be felt in the presence.

Waterfall is another piece of ornament nature has embedded in itself so that we can release all that chaos along with the pure movement of water. Waterfalls could be your perfect getaway plans in case you are looking for something that will make you feel settled in the midst of all unsettlements. Working all day, tiring ourselves and all tedious tasks that we do is to create memories that would hold life-long treasury of joy. At the end of the day what matters is how much you have to remember and feel in tranquility.

Odisha is a place where nature sits. Sometimes, peace isn’t in watching tall towers made of concrete and cement adorned with fascinating lights. It rather lies in moments where you can sit quietly amongst the green tress watching the game of water and surrounded by numerous inhabitants of the planet.

Barehpani is the largest waterfall in Odisha and second largest in India. It is three hundred and ninty-nine meters tall. It is allocated in a small village of Odisha called Similipal where urbanization is not the trend but raw mankind inhabitant is common.

While you make your way through the waterfall, you would have to pass through jungles with heaps of greenery accompanying you on your way. It is situated in a village and therefore, much of the modern world lifestyle habits would be found missing. While you travel, you would have to make your way through the slippery muddy roads which isn’t a cakewalk but definitely fun if you are adventurous and careful. While you make your way you would face U-shaped road which is tricky so your driving skills should be on-point. There would be a time when you would have to drive through a narrow road with a ditch in the left.

Ultimately, after all this hustle when you reach the spot which is the Barehpani waterfall, the gush of fresh water flowing from the top to the bottom will act as a medicine to all the compressed emotions you have held for so long. Since, the height of the waterfall is so gigantic, you can actually experience a view like never before. There is an absolute touch of reality that you would experience in your whole trip to this destination.

Some Extra Knowledge to carry before you plan your Trip

Since the waterfall is located in a village, the technology would not be as loyal as it is. So, the network is not expected to be favorable. Basically, any electronic navigation device is hard to operate. For guidance, you can hire a guide who would introduce you to all special things and convey the necessary information.

The name of the waterfall is given after the village called Barehipani village where the waterfall is actually located. It is a very small village with almost no human inhabitants. You actually go through the Similipal village before you reach the real spot.

You will get a view of the Negasini Mountain in the front which is one of the highest peaks in Odisha.

The jungle you would pass through is pretty dense.

You are recommended to plan your trip anywhere from the month of July to December. The place is occupied with water all year long. But, the best visiting months are November and December as the water content is really proportionate and sustainable.

Final Words

Vacations should be something that would take you way from things that are a part of your daily life. It should give you feeling of belongingness, being present and vibrant. The forest, the water, the mountains and the absence of artificial noise, nothing, can be a better plan that that. The best part of this destination is that you are not required to have a heavy number of currencies in your pocket to make a visit. It is cheap and at the same time beautiful.

Sometimes, simpler and inexpensive things are better than complicated and luxurious items, ultimately, the luxury of joy is achieved only where the unfolding and detangling comes out of the feeling of reconciliation with something that is inevitable.”