Have you ever looked at someone or looked somewhere and felt more helpless than the most helpless situation in your life? If not, you have never been to the real world and trust me it’s hard, probably more dense than what you can imagine.


Being grateful for what you have is not a choice and neither an option, it’s an immaculate feeling of being secured in the hands of the securer.

I don’t know if my experience is eligible enough to make me claim this but I would still do it. I have been through the days when my whole existence had made me curse my whole worth as a being and every time going through it has made me learn and admire things about myself a little more .Life has taught me to be grateful for every smile and every drop of tear because some do not even have an option to shed tears when they want to.

Everyone talks about resources that they do not have but why don’t we talk about what we have? Your struggle by any means is not something which should deprive you of being grateful of everything that made you accomplish that goal.

I lost my father at the age of 8 but I choose to look at the brighter side, I had my mother and a younger brother, some do not have anyone except themselves. When I cribbed about my life my mother always said this one thing-“Do not look at people who have more than you, just look at them who are in more trouble than you, you would understand life is not so unfair to you”. And I must say I couldn’t agree more!

Life made this one reality very clear to me, I would always have someone who would have more than me and someone who would have less than what I have and the only constant string of reality which should hold me at the midst of this diversion is the feeling of being grateful. Trust me I am exactly where I have to be.

How do I know that I am Grateful?

I love the creator for creating me and all the people whom I love and who love me. I am immensely satisfied that I have a roof to cover my head, food that makes me stand, the human body I possess, the education that I have received and the ability to work and get myself where I want to be.

Being Grateful has made me reconcile with mankind and universe more curiously than ever. I am grateful of being able to write this.

                          “When this gigantic world made me feel feeble, when the materialistic wealth made me

                           Greedy, when my trials made my trust a lie, when life threw stone at my dreams, my

                           Reconciliation with belief was my constant and it was so obstinate that it denied me of any superiority other than my desire to be grateful”.

                                                                    THANK YOU FOR COMING THIS FAR!