Benefits of coriander seeds. 

Coriander seeds protect us from many health diseases. 

There are many Simple home remedies which can help you to keep several health issues at bay. In The Indian kitchen, there are many spices which have many health benefits. Among all of them, One is coriander seeds which are also known as dhaniya. Coriander seeds can offer multiple health benefits including better heart health, digestion and improved gut health. These seeds can also contain antimicrobial compounds that can help your body fight against infections. The coriander seeds have many antioxidant properties which are good for the skin health too.
Nutritionist also said that
Dhaniya seeds water every morning will help your lower your blood pressure also. coriander is an excellent remedy to manage high blood pressure which is also known as the silent killer. It has that type of fibres which are beneficial for heart. The spices are very effective in modulating gut activity, which also assists in managing high blood pressure. Coriander seeds also have a diuretic effect. A diuretic helps increase the passing of urine. Through urine you can eliminate the excess sodium accumulated in your system, further contributing to healthy blood pressure numbers.