'College romance season 2' released 

A binge-worthy romantic , dramatic comedy
‘College Romance Season 2’ is quite well-written and brings out arresting performances from the cast.

As college romance season 1 was already a blockbuster show which was realsed in 2018 on youtube channel of timliners. here the creators are back with the group of best friends—Trippy (Manjot Singh), Naira (Apoorva Arora) and Karan (Keshav Sadhna)  and yet another season of college romance on the platfom sony liv . this has come with a full package of drama comedy and romance . the first half takes you into a journey with them to the college life as the name states. This show  has the perfect climax and a beautiful ending . with all the seasons combined it is like a nice 2 hours  movie to watch and also perfect for Saturday night  bingewatching .It is quite well written and brings out a brilliant performance by the actors .

The writers—Sidhant Mago, Aakash Ahuja and Manan Madaan—have ensured that one relives all the mindless and fun things that one has done in college. It perfectly portrays the friendships and the heartbreaks, the hangout spots to roam around carelessly with your pals, in short, doing everything together apart from studying. In terms of plot, dialogues and the emotional connection with the characters, this season is better than the previous instalments.

 The dialogues, expressions and every detail is simply outstanding and this is a must see show specially for the teenagers and college gowing .