Come, let's have some insights about mental health!

The stigma surrounding the mental health worsens it for the patients dealing with it. Little insights being provided about the topic serves as a great aid for the people suffering from it. Let's have a basic talk about it and get enlightened by the facts.
Hailing from a society where mental health is given negligible importance, it's high time that the mentallity of the society should be changed positively. The mere fact that mental health is as important as physical health should be understood by each one of us.

Mental Health basically involves emotional, behavioural, social and psychological well being. It has a huge impact on our daily activities and affects the way we think, act and look at things from a certain perspective. Good mental health is also important in stress management and the way an individual can combat the situations.

Over a course of time, there are many factors that influence the mental health of a peson such as biological factors, past traumatic experiences and even the family history. It is essential for each one of us to have the fundamental knowledge, wich will help us to support the people around us.

People with not - so - good mental health tend to seem withdrawn from their surroundings. Moreover, they either lose their apetite or start overeating. Having problem during sleeping can also be one of the early signs. Have a look around yourself and lend your ear to someone who needs it, desperately.

Let's unite for the cause and break the stigma!