Ever thought of redesigning your life with a purpose?

Self-brand Series

Self-branding exercise is all about redesigning your life with a purpose.

‘Apple’ is the most coveted brand in the world today.

Steve Jobs at its helm is adept at self-brand building as well. He  has become an iconic model of self-brand.

Similar to the products of Apple, he had a visual identity.

‘Jeans and turtleneck uniform’ he wore implied simplicity.

Being innovative was his inimitable style and identity of self brand. 

He is a creative thinker with diverse interests such as animation and music. Studio Pixar was owned by him. 

Jobs was a vegetarian for most of his life. Perhaps, a unique feature in western countries.

You are a Brand when you realize that you are an important person in the society.

It’s a very sad fact that 99% of the people don't realize this aspect in life! 


Establishing a self-brand

for living a purposeful life

is important for all of us.

That's the first step in

taking charge of our life.


                       You want the people to remember you by the features of the self brand.

In self-brand building we create an image of our own without settling for what is thrust on us by the society. Be assured that being ambitious is not a crime when the self-brand would be in synch with the common good and the aspirations of the community or society at large.

You are the brand!