As the days become longer and we spend more time at the beach, we must prepare our skin for the fun time we plan to spend in the sun. It’s important to enjoy life, especially when you’re in Charleston, but it’s also just as important to take care of your skin to prevent aging and damage. To prepare for the changing seasons, we’ve put together a list of ways you can ready yourself for summer.
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We will continue to preach this day in and day out. You must wear sunscreen, especially if you’re going to be exposed excessively to the sun. You must continue to apply it throughout the day, preferably every two hours. Studies have shown that many people don’t apply nearly as much sunscreen as they should, and that’s a top cause of skin cancer. You can’t be careful enough with the sun. It’s also wise to wear hats and clothing that shield skin. If you’re desperate for a tan, there are many sunless options that are convenient and inexpensive. It’s not worth sacrificing your skin for a tan!


So you didn’t listen to our warnings or unfortunately ran out of sunscreen. Hopefully, you’ll learn from the burn, but for now, you’ll need to apply cooling balms right away. Aquaphor and hydrocortisone creams are popular remedies. Also, keep on the lookout for any signs of growth or change that may indicate early warning signs of skin cancer and schedule regular checkups. 


Heavy foundations have no place in a summer makeup routine. Switch to a tinted moisturizer or BB cream with SPF, and stock up on lip balm with SPF to prevent cracked lips. It’s also a spa-like treat to put masks in the refrigerate before applying! Moisture is key for summer skin! And if you’re intent on having a tan, look into sunless tanning wipes or lotions. Just remember to exfoliate before application!


Speaking of exfoliating, it’s exceedingly necessary to exfoliate in the summer, since pores become more apparent during seasons with higher humidity. With a little extra exfoliation, dead skin is eliminated and toners and moisturizers soak in much more effectively!


Water is proven to give skin a healthy glow and it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re hydrated when the sun is working hardest against you. Besides making sure you’re drinking enough water, it’s also wise to use a water or toner facial spray throughout the day for a continuous glow.


Just like exfoliating, a peel will clear away dead skin and tighten up the look of your pores. It’s also effective in treating minor discoloration caused from too much time in the sun. We offer many variations of peels that range in power to treat your every need.