How to combat low blood pressure?

Low Blood Pressure is equally harmful as Hypertension or High Blood Pressure. Along with the consumption of medicines, why don't you try some hacks at our homes, which can help maintan your blood pressure naturally?
Low Blood Pressure may cause inadequate supply of blood to your heart, which may be caused due to many factors. Trying home remedies will not have side effects and will also boost the blood flow naturally. Here are some foods which you could try!

There are many symptoms which a person suffering from low blood pressure might witness such as sudden loss of conciousness, feeling dizzy and fatigued everytime, nauseatic. You can employ the following remedies at your home, but if teh above symptoms are persistent from a longer duration of time, then you must consult a doctor.

1. Include adequate amount of salt in your diet -

Salt is one of the most essential ingredients which you must add to your diet. Not denying the fact that excessive salt is bad for health, you must consume ove tablespoon of salt everyday for the proper functioning of your body.

2. Consumption of Almond Milk -

Soak around 5-6 almonds overnight and make them into a paste. Further, add the paste in boiling milk and gulp it down. One glass of this drink per day is sufficient to maintain your blood pressure, since it contains Omega - 3 and fatty acids.

3. Eat small potions of food frequently - 

Consuming small quantities of healthy snacks in between the meals will help keep your blood pressure maintained. Instead of keeping long gaps in between your meals, have five small meals everyday. This will even help you maintain your weight.

4. Include more fluids in your diet -

Minimum 2 - 3 litres of water per day is essential. Since dehydration is one of the most common causes of low blood pressure, keep in mind to increase your fluid intake. Moreover, consumption of coconut water and juices help you maintain your blood pressure.

5. So, for all the caffeine lovers, here's your favouriate one -

If you experience a sudden drop in your blood pressure, drinking a cup of tea or coffee will turn out to be beneficial. Drinking a cup of either of the drinks shoot your blood pressure temporarily, giving you a sigh of relief!