How to maintain a healthy heart?

Keeping your heart healthy is the key towards leading a happy life. Yet, many of the people out there are not aware about the secret ingredients to keep your heart healthy. Check out the article to get the key for a healthy heart!
Eating right things in a right way is one of the keys for leading a longer and a healthy life. Include the following ingredients and witness the magic that follows!

Healthy living is directed towards having a healthy heart. Including the essential nutrients in your meal will help you lead a healthy life. Check them out now -

1. Omega - 3 Fatty Acids -

Omega - 3 Fatty Acids are well known for decreasing inflamation of the heart and keeping your cholestrol levels under control. Since it cannot be produced by our bodies, consumption of Omega -3 in a certain amount from the external sources is essential. Omega - 3 fatty acids is abundant in the foods such as tuna fish and salmon. For vegetarians, the best source for the consumption is flax oils, walnuts, vegetable oils and flaxseeds.

2. Magnesium -

This wonder mineral is essential in our body, since it takes care of more than 300 biochemical reactions in our bodies. Intake of magnesium helps to maintain the nerve functios and also keeps the heart rythm and blood pressure in control. Foods rich in magnesium are almonds, pumpkin seeds,tofu and soy, whole grains and spinach.

3. Fibre -

Dietary fibre generally reduces the risks of heart diseases by improving insulin sensitivity, improving lipid profiles, maintaining the blood pressure and takes care of the overall health of the heart. Whole legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds and fruits are the excellent sources of fibre intake.

4.Quercetin -

Quercetin is one of the best ways to keep your cholestrol in control and has excellent anti - inflamatory properties. The flavonoid quercetins are abundantly found in apples and are also found in citrus food such as parsley, onion and tea.

5.Lycopene -

Lycopene is well known for its protective role in lowering the lood pressure and helps prevent cardiac inflammation. This is an antioxidant, which is abundantly found in tomatoes.